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The Unofficial Guide to Religion

Exploring the concept of religion - Explaining the monothiestic religions in a nutshell...

Take a deep dive in antiquity - Searching for the Universal Truth as believed by civilizations...

Discover Islam - Learning the narrations, interpretations and preservation of religion..

The Unofficial Guide to Quran

Join us in learning the revelation

What Can You Find Here?

Learn Quran in Arabic - Basic Recitation
Master Your Tajweed - Advance Recitation
Tarjuma & Tafseer - Translation & Understanding

The Unofficial Guide to Seerah

The Last & Final Prophet & Messenger, Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)

What Can You Find Here?

Pre Islamic Era
The Birth of The Prophet (PBUH)
Early Childhood of The Prophet (PBUH)
Youth of The Prophet (PBUH)
Marriage of The Prophet (PBUH)
Social Status of The Prophet (PBUH)
First Revelation
Life After Revelations
Migration to Medina
Battle of Badr
Battle of Uhud
Hudaibiya Agreement
Spread of Islam
The Unofficial Guide to Absolute Leadership

Discussing the most effective styles and concepts of leadership...

The Unofficial Guide to Covid-19

Symptom Supression & Treatments

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