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Initial session with your team is an experience many of them will remember. Plan it properly!

Spend some time knowing your audience!

Ask your HR to share resumes with you!
Most companies would have no problem sharing relevant experience and education sections of new hires with their respective/assigned team leaders. Learn the educational background your pool belongs to - find out their work force experience in relation to the job/tast they are to be assigned.

Use social media!
Send a message to the whole team through HR - introduce them to your social media profile (the one you use for business/work). Ask them to connect with you and send you a quick intro!

Be creative!
Search for ways to break ice with new team members. Google it? YouTube it? Consult with your HR - they have many out-of-the-box ideas at times.

Initial team meetings happen one time ONLY!

Know the importance of your initial team meeting!
Have a clear agenda - well defined - and ask your audience for feedback on agenda before proceeding into the meeting. Empower the team to build trust in each other - you set this expectation from your initial team meeting. Things you bring out of them now - are the things that will remain with them throughout their professional life. Some people learn their own leadership capabilities and skills when empowered in strangers - specially in an empowering environment. Build an environment where no answer is wrong - but is accepted as different.

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