Introduction to Leadership - The Unofficial Guide to Absolute Leadership

The Unofficial Guide
Absolute Leadership

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Defining a leader

What is a leader?

Who is a leader?

Why does someone become a leader?

Why is a leader needed?

When is a leader needed?

Styles of leadership

Leadership styles taught in educational institutions

Market leadership styles taught in the local and international markets?

Variations in leadership styles

Characteristics of a leader


Trainable or unicorns?

Becoming a leader

Becoming a leader 101

Collection of Videos on Leadership
Idea leader questionnaire:

How do you define an ideal leader and why?
Did the people of different ideas follow your ideal leader?
How did your ideal leader treat people of different ideas?
How was the personal life of your ideal leader?
Do the relatives of your ideal leader idealize your leader - why and/or why not?

Share your answers below!

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